About Me & This Site

About Me & This Site

The Christian’s biggest desire

About this site

A Christian’s biggest desire in life should be to lead a holy life, happy in Christ. However, this is difficult if we are not taught how.  Therefore, I intend to write to assist and encourage people in their pursuit of holiness and peace with God that would result in a happy and fulfilled life.

Believe right to live right

People will believe what they choose to believe. Many of these adopt what they have been taught by influential leaders in churches. I was one of these, believing what came from the pulpit because it was from the pulpit. After all, aren’t those standing behind the pulpit supposed to know the truth? But just because one has influence does not mean that one is right. The number of religions and factions of Christianity make this self evident. Discerning truth is our obligation and right. It should be our primary objective, for without it, how can we believe what is right? For only if we believe right can we have a foundation to learn how to live right.

The Biggest Problem with many Christians

I do not intend to knock preachers and teachers of the Word of God – the Word of truth. Those who are faithfully spreading the Word of truth are the pillars of social morality, and God’s force for spreading the gospel. Nevertheless, the church universally is riddled with unfaithful men who “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom. 1: 18) to serve their own end (See 1Tim.6:5).

But the biggest problem is not the unfaithful preachers; it is those who receive what they say as truth. The congregation, generally speaking, is notorious for

  1. gathering to those who will preach what they want to hear
  2. not reading the scripture for themselves to obtain truth necessary for them to be truly converted

The church is the biggest concentrated field for Christian harvest in the world. Paul knew this, that is why he always started his preaching the good news in the established churches (synagogues) in his outreach. (See Acts 17:2)

A testimony

It has been more than forty years since I was first introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ. Back then the little church that became my first spiritual home was still fumbling its way clear to understand the purpose of God revealed to man.

Since then I have witnessed many doctrinal changes in what is purported as Christian truth. Much of the church has become more “liberal” universally and generally speaking. That is; the power of holiness has dissipated, leaving in its wake a mere shell of Christianity.

Many of the very people who helped lead me to believe in Christ initially, and who were so zealous for the things of God, are now at best complacent. They still hold on to a form of godliness, but their hearts have returned to the world (2Ti 3:5).

Diluted teaching and the lack of true biblical godliness in many of those who are in high places of church authority have reduced the essence of what the Church ought to be in and to the world. The goal of their teaching should be to promote love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith (1Ti 1:5); but instead many teachers have covered their followers’ hearts with veils of vain promises, and teachings that are contrary to the Word of God and the spirit of holiness.

My intention for this site

It is therefore my desire to bring to attention some of the snares that would pull us away from God; traps into which I too have often fallen. I intend to reveal the reality of God’s purpose in us, together with the blessings that He has planned for those who learn to walk in the ancient paths – those that He has mapped out for us from the beginning of time (Jer 6:16).

I hope to remove at least some of these veils from people’s hearts by giving a clearer understanding of God, His intention in creating mankind, and His glorious gospel in Christ Jesus our Savior, which has been revealed to us through the Bible. For it is through Christ alone that we can become partakers of His heavenly kingdom now, and in the eternal life to come.

Christianity in not a religion

True Christianity is not a religion as the world sees it, but rather, it is the way of life where one lives in the conscious reality of the presence of God in Christ Jesus. It is also not a dogmatic belief system, but rather the systematic realization of the truth of God’s Word. This is the substance which grants us the knowledge and wisdom that leads to salvation (2Ti 3:15).

Christianity is the only reasonable faith in the world. It requires firstly, the intellect, and only then, the heart. For how can one love what one does not understand?

The name “Christian” is for one who has come to develop a conscious relationship with the only real God, through loving obedience and thankfulness for what He has done for us through Christ.  The requirements to have this relationship are not burdensome (1John 5:3). They are reasonable to all thinking moral beings.  I purpose to bring such reasoning to the inquiring and honest mind, and to help lead them into the liberty of living a happy life in God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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This is the section where I have listed all the posts I have written. I will  later use it as the section for what I would deem essential posts for those who are still discovering the beauty of holiness and walking with God.


The enemy is subtle. Often scripture is not so much changed, but taken out of context to mislead people into vain thinking that is opposed to the purpose and intentions of Christ. Here, I bring to attention some scriptures that are widely spread and used which deceive believers by leading them into paths that are not of Christ.


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