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Topics to build up believers.

Finding happiness

Find happiness – By God’s design

Everybody wants to find happiness for themselves regardless of race, wealth and social standing. The poor man wants it as badly as the rich man. So does the hermit and the film star. Yet with all our yearnings to be...

Gullible Birds

Who should I believe?

 Who should I believe to teach the truth? With so many conflicting arguments of men, who should I believe?  If we discover truth we will have discovered the key that unlocks the chains that bind us. The responsibility of our...

The Whirlpool of Sin

How can I break free from sin?

Break free from sin Living the happy life that we were designed to live has been thwarted by sin. Yet, to break free from sin of our own accord is like lifting ourselves high in the air by our own...

Why should God get all the glory

Why should God get all the glory?

Does the Sovereignty of God earn Him the right to all the glory?  If the devil reigned supremely, should he get all the glory? God is indeed supremely sovereign, but does His position alone warrant Him receiving all the glory?...

Justification vs Sanctification

Justification vs sanctification – what’s the difference?

Understanding Justification vs Sanctification It is imperative that we understand the concepts and difference of justification and sanctification. For both are required for our salvation. But does justification or sanctification come first? Or do we receive them both together? Does...

Making the change to victory

Making the change to live in victory  

Live in victory-it’s your call! Own what we didn’t earn! No matter what state we may find ourselves, we have whatever time that remains of our lives for making the change to victory. But we will not be doing it...

Get your prayers answered

How to obtain answers to our prayers

Get your prayers answered Many pray – but few receive. Here is how you get your prayers answered! God is serious about our prayers if we are. Many pray, but few truly receive favorable answers to their prayers. Prayer is...


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